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Ever wanted to work on your muscles and get paid for it? To become the next bodybuilder professional? Well, you got a chance by Syncreon in Tilburg! While working in 3 shifts as a warehouse employee unloading. With a salary of?10,38 and extra 13,25% shift allowances!What we offerSalary of?10,38 gross per hour.Shift allowances of 13,75% for each hour.Work in a clean environment.Guaranteed 30 hours per week.Possibility to get a permanent contract.Working with the great brand Dell!Who you areThe most important thing before you can start working as a warehouse employee unloading is that you can get a VOG. The what? A certificate that you don?t have a criminal record. Except that:You speak English.You got your own transport to get to work.You are full time available in 3 shifts.What will you doThat part is quite simple. You, with your colleagues, will be responsible for unloading the trucks. As a warehouse employee unloading you will be the first person in the whole chain of logistic handling. Big words, I know. But the truth is, if not you, there will be no products in the warehouse! And that means no new computers or screens or keyboards for the customers in the whole Europe! Well, a world without technology would be quite difficult now, right?How does it look exactly? The truck is parked by the dock and all the products need to get to the locations somehow. A bit of a physical labor and the truck is empty. What will you do with thousands of laptops, desktops and so on? You can put it on the band and it will move further. A giant carrousel will sort all the products and they will slide on the other side of the sorting machine. Wheee!Afterwards they of course need to be stacked on the pallet, scanned and sealed. Who?s job is that? Of course the best warehouse employee by Syncreon. And that?s you!Where will you workLet me tell you something more about the company. Syncreon is originally an Irish company which has grown globally to over 100 locations. And they are still growing! The location in Tilburg is in the top 6 of the world suppliers for one of the biggest computer brands. Ever heard about the brand Dell? Sure you did! And what?s making Syncreon different from the rest? The open door policy! The what? Well, if you?re looking for your supervisor you don?t need to look too far. You can always find someone directly on the work floor. So your question is answered in no time!Do you need more reasons to start there as a warehouse employee? There you go! Syncreon is organizing a different event every month. Food truck during the break, ice cream or a contest for the best face mask. They are always listening and are open to new ideas on how to make stuff better. Simply, a great place to work!Job applicationInterested in the job as a warehouse employee? Perfect! Apply now! We will contact you within one work day. Some questions first? You can always call, mail or app us!Uiteraard staat deze vacature open voor iedereen die zich hierin herkent.

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